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Software development has become very important in solving problems for mobile users, web users, robotic engineers and users in any other area implementing computing technology. The First City UC Master of Software Engineering will focus on training graduates with advanced software engineering skills to identify technology trends, develop entrepreneurial skills, lead and manage software development. These skills include evaluation of business opportunity, effective electronic marketing, materializing innovative idea, organization and management of research.
Graduates will also develop soft skills and transferrable skills in managing and leading projects. This is essential as it will prepare them to be a good communicator, versatile person and effective manager.


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Senior Software Development Engineer


Senior System Analyst


Software Project Manager



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Master of Software Engineering

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Software Engineering graduates at Master level will not only possess technological problem-solving skills but also skills of management, administration, planning as well as the ability to convert innovative research idea into a viable business


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Christine Lee Siew Ken

Quality Education.  Ideal Location

Quality Education.
 Ideal Location

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